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Medway People's Voice
An Independent Medway

About Medway People's Voice

Founded on the concept of a group of truly independent individuals free of national party dogma coming together, Medway People’s Voice is a new political organisation covering the Medway towns.

It aims to use the personal expertise, experience, imagination, ideas, and input of all its members for the purpose of serving the local community and restoring democracy with accountability back to those who live and work in Medway.

For too long Medway Council has been subject to the narrow views of a collection of people representing National Political parties.

With whip systems in place and in fear of discipline, elected representatives of the main political parties have to toe the party line regardless. Regardless of personal conscience. Regardless of detrimental impact on the ward they represent. Regardless of those people who elected them to represent them and their views.

Medway Peoples’s Voice is for all in Medway. Individuals and Businesses. Adults and Young People. By taking a collection of views and ideas you get a balanced position rather than one extreme or another.

We accept people will have differing opinions on national issues. That is fine. Our emphasis is on local issues because we are local people in the local community.

Medway People’s Voice will put people up for election as Councillors in May 2019.

Medway People’s Voice Councillors will stand for election on a mandate of local policies from local people for local people. When voting in Council or in committee, they will be expected to consider not just the whole of Medway when deciding a matter but also any specific effects on the ward and people they represent.

There is no whip system so a Medway People’s Voice Councillor can, and is expected, to, vote according to the best interests of those who gave them the title Councillor.

Take a moment to consider what people working together as Councillors can achieve for Medway instead of the usual practice of constantly opposing each other.

We have and we like the idea. This is why Medway People’s Voice was formed.

Constitution and Party Rules

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