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Medway People's Voice
An Independent Medway

Medway People's Voice Manifesto Summary

19 April 2019

Medway People's Voice, a group of independents free of national party dogma will concentrate on local issues. We expect no overall control on May 3rd meaning everybody has to work together for the good of Medway. Not one extreme or other.

We will ensure people are listened to, not ignored, more accountability. Actions not words. Thinking outside the box. Proactive planning rather than reactive responses, thus saving money avoiding waste.

Housing policy needs change. Building distributed fairly throughout Medway with proper infrastructure, more social housing and full developer financial contributions. All letting to be licensed for tenant safety. Those renting houses out as individual rooms to pay a premium to cover additional costs already being incurred by the Council taxpayer. The additional revenue to help preserve vital services.

Further revenue to be raised from advertising at council locations, sponsorship of events and streamlining council services.

Incentive packages will be available to Doctors wanting to become GPs making transition/relocation easier.

Parking attendants will redeploy on safety issues not money making. Visitor permits reintroduced. More very short stay free parking around Medway Hospital.

Facilities for Lorries to be introduced but trucks parking illegally clamped.

Parking Charges after 9pm to be scrapped.

Medway City Estate needs investment in dedicated lanes and interlinked traffic flow management system. Bus services/contracts to be reviewed to produce better services.

Sports facilities/pitches to be properly maintained. More health related leisure programmes introduced. Deangate Ridge to reopen remaining a leisure facility.

Local talent to be promoted at council run events. Non profit hire of venues to be available to local groups.

The main party system fails, look at BREXIT. Time to send a message. Locally we have main party unrealistic claims/broken promises. Time for a new approach. Put MPV Independent candidates on the council.

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